Boos for police chief at Mnangagwa inauguration

November 24, 2017
| Report Focus News
Augustine Chihuri

The crowd is booed at  Zimbabwe’s police chief Augustine Chihuri as he gives his pledge of allegiance to Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He is seen as a backer of the former First Lady Grace Mugabe, who orchestrated Mr Mnangagwa’s dismissal as her husband’s deputy.

Mugabe and his G40 ministers had resolved that Chiwenga be arrested over his alleged links with Mnangagwa as he was viewed as a threat to the reign of the G40 landing the leadership roles in government and another Army general was to be appointed.

“If I was Augustine Chihuri, The Chief of Police, I would simply resign under the pretext of retirement. He is now a tainted figure. That booing is the longest I have ever witnessed in this country of a public official,” said one of the observers.

Calls are mounting that Chihuri must be fired from the force or he must simple retire.