The show must go on‚ says Robert Mugabe’s son

November 22, 2017
Report Focus President Robert Mugabe Sons | Report Focus News
Report Focus - President Robert Mugabe Sons

It is business as usual for the President Mugabe boys‚ Chatunga Bellarmine and his older brother Robert Junior‚ as their music promotion show featuring Nigerian muso Tekno Miles goes ahead.

Tekno’s maiden show on Zimbabwean soil had been compromised by recent developments that saw the show promoters’ father resign as president of Zimbabwe.

Vijay Hundu‚ who is the spokesperson of TripLife Entertainment‚ told media in Zimbabwe the show had been moved to February 14 next year because of‚ “unforeseen circumstances”.

However‚ through Facebook and other social media accounts‚ Bellarmine declared the show would go on.

“We are still ON‚” he wrote. His post was followed by one that said‚ “Juju won’t stop the show‚ enemy of progress!”

Despite events unfolding in Zimbabwe‚ the social media-loving Mugabe boys didn’t go into hibernation. Bellarmine even had time to brag as well as take potshots at his social media rival‚ Wellence Mujuru‚ son of Joice Mujuru‚ his father’s former vice president before Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“ushungo will always remain the champion of champions! Proud of you Gushungo Proud of Dad. Gushungo always and forever to death people like Wellence Mujuru celebrate and march became of Jealous (sic)‚” he posted.

Tekno will perform at the Alexandra Sports Club in Harare.