ZIMBABWE LATEST : Wistful MPs react to Robert Mugabe resignation

November 21, 2017
| Report Focus News

MPs who were debating Robert Mugabe’s impeachment, react to his sudden resignation.

“The country is relieved. Here is a man who has done so much country but this opportunity should give him the chance to rest,” said ZANU-PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo.

“Mugabe’s resignation should be a lesson for Africa and the West that we are capable of holding our leaders to account and follow democratic norms. Its also a lesson that despotic tendencies can only be tolerated for sometime but people will take their power back,” said Webster Shamu.

“It was inevitable bt unfortunately it took time for robert mugabe to appreciate that his time was gone he did not have to go through this humiliation but at the end of the day im elated for the people of Zimbabwe who have had to bear with a dictator for 37 years we can now beginning a new chapter to go forward,” said Movement for Democratic Change chief whip, Innocent Gonese.

“Absolutely delighted the menace is gone now the country has a chance for a clean start,” – said the leader of Zimbabwe’s veterans of the war of liberation from Britain, Chris Mutsvangwa, seen as the architect of the massive demonstrations against Mugabe’s rule at the weekend.

“This is a big moment for the country. It is a new beginning and going forward we call for unity so that we can rebuild this country,” said MDC vice-president, Nelson Chamisa