Temba Mliswa – I’ll Step down if Mugabe remains president

November 21, 2017
| Report Focus News

If we fail to impeach the president through Parliament, I’ll step down as an MP for Norton Constituency. I see the failure as a betrayal to the people of Zimbabwe who have put their lives on line marching against Mugabe. This is about the people and it’s beyond political parties.

Today’s about the people and every MP should do his job of impeaching the President. It is in the citizens’ interests that we represent as per their wishes. People spoke on Saturday and as parliament, we have to finish what they started.

I’ve never lost a fight before and this I’m not tiring until the President quits. Ndinozvitemba saTemba.

As Zimbabweans, we must allow each institution to play its role and I’m very optimistic that the parliament will impeach him. It is constitutional. Let’s keep the pressure on him and citizens must prepare to march to the blue roof.