MUGABE IMPEACHMENT VOTE: MDC to decide on support for Zanu PF

November 21, 2017
| Report Focus News

HARARE – As the Zimbabwean parliamentary sitting draws closer, President Robert Mugabe’s future might rest in the hands of opposition party the MDC.

Ruling party Zanu-PF resolved to impeach Mugabe after 37 years at the head of the sub-Saharan country.

The MDC’s Obert Gutu says the party is meeting on Monday to make a final decision on the matter and to set out conditions it wants met by Zanu-PF if it votes in favour of the impeachment.

“The general feeling out there is that we should vote in favour of the impeachment, because we’ve always wanted to see the back of Robert Mugabe anyway.”

Zanu-PF says it needs 125 of its own votes and 73 from the MDC for the motion to succeed.

It says it needs the MDC’s support as its own members aligned to former women’s league leader Grace Mugabe’s faction may not vote in favour of the motion.

The impeachment process is expected to kick off on Tuesday and may take a week to finalise.