Patrick Chinamasa’s ‘we do not need opposition in impeachment’ spark outrage

November 20, 2017
| Report Focus News

Zanu PF Central Committee member Patrick Chinamasa’s remarks that Zanu PF does not need the opposition in its process and government after all parties and citizens participated in the mass march calling for President Robert Mugabe to go has sparked outrage from citizens who say he is one such divisive character which the ruling party must get reed of.

Zanu PF MP Terence Mukupe had posted on Facebook saying Chinamasa’s statement is regrettable and was not well thought out, this revolution is bigger than any party, this for all Zimbos!

Bea Ngwaru said Chinamasa discouraged him.

Chimwemwe Chasowa said his remarks were regrettable or despicable.

“We are past semantics right now,” he said.

“A line is drawn in the sand, everyone needs to choose a side firmly.”

Tawanda Mhlanga war veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa was live on TZ calling for march again “let him know about cyber chief whatsap admin words.”

Chipo Regina Mudzudzu said “Talk of killing a vibe!! We don’t want that kinda mentality cause its exactly what we are fighting against… scary mentality that.. very very scary!!”

Chipo Regina Mudzudzu said “Let honorable Terence Mukupe respond to that Kiri.. its his post and his wall.. am just pissed off.”

Martin Matarirano said “Vahinamasa vari kuda kutomboitwa quarantined chaiyo. His thinking is not in relation to what has just taken place. Hatidi mafungiro akadaro muZimbabwe itsva.”

Thandazani Nkomo said “Chinamasa just showed the world what Zanu PF thinks about people who are not theirs. It came just in time.”

Moses Marimo said “Zanu PF should continue to clean itself of old school cabal like Chinamasa!”

Algoni Gotami said “Very unfortunate that he said such a thing during this important era.”