Pre-recorded tape on Mugabe resignation to be played

November 19, 2017
| Report Focus News

We are receiving reports indicate that President Robert Mugabe will be forced to make a pre-recorded speech of his resignation.

The reports claim that Mugabe is being forced to pre-record his speech because the Junta is not convinced that Mugabe will say what the Mnangagwa faction of Zanu-PF wants. The pre-recorded tape safeguards the constitutionalization of the Zimbabwe coup.

Mugabe was to make a live television address on Sunday evening, state television announced, as the veteran leader faced the apparent end of his 37-year rule.

“President RG Mugabe to address the nation live from State House tonight. Please stay tuned,” said a ticker announcement on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation channel.

ZBC now says Mugabe’s announcement is due “shortly”