“You can’t fire Gushungo, you’re nothing without my Dad’ – Chatunga Mugabe

November 19, 2017
| Report Focus News

Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe |You can’t fire a Revolutionary leader! Zanu Pf is nothing without President Mugabe Gushungo will always remain the champion of champions!

Proud of you Gushungo Proud of Dad. Gushungo always and forever to death. People like Wellence Mujuru celebrate and march became of Jealous and ruchiva acting as if he cares for the people and unnecessary attacks!

ZANU-PF party voted President Robert Mugabe out of its ranks on Sunday. He’ll be replaced with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The extravagant son of detained Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has shared an archive video of his tyrant father pledging to “rule with firmness”.

Youngest son Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe, 21, posted the video clip on Thursday morning, after days of turmoil which saw his father seized by the army and mother Grace reportedly flee the country.

Chatunga Mugabe, 21, is known for his lavish party lifestyle, which he often shares with thousands of followers on social media.

Last week he was pictured on social media apparently pouring a £200 bottle of champagne over his glitzy watch which he claimed was worth £45,000.

But on Thursday, as President Mugabe’s future leading the country looked unlikely, son Chatunga Mugabe posted a more sober update to his 35,000 followers on his Facebook timeline.

The clip he shared comes from a BBC Newsnight interview, recorded in 1980 when he first became PM of Zimbabwe.

He tells the interviewer: “I’m prime minister of my country, and I intend to rule that country with firmness.

“I’m not going to have anybody advocate the overthrowing of a government and remain in the country. He’s not one of us if he does that.

“The alternative is to put him in detention and I don’t want to do that.”

While Mugabe hasn’t formally been removed from power, the vote signals an effective end to his nearly four-decade rule.

The news comes after the country’s military orchestrated what is largely understood to be a bloodless coup. And on Saturday, people flooded the streets calling for Mugabe’s resignation.

Military vehicles and personnel entered the capital city Harare on Tuesday night. Soldiers took over the state-run TV station and broadcast the message it was targeting “criminals” around the president. Mugabe was confined to his home, making only a brief appearance at a graduation ceremony.

Zimbabwe Defense Forces Commander Constantino Chiwenga said the army was ready to “step in” after Mugabe fired Vice President Mnangagwa earlier this month. He was a heavy favorite to replace Mugabe and had support from the military and veterans.

But Mnangagwa came under fire from first lady Grace Mugabe. His removal led many to suggest the Mugabes were angling for Grace to succeed her husband as president. ZANU-PF members voted her out of the party for life and expelled her as head of the party’s women’s league.

Grace Mugabe’s whereabouts are still unknown. She has not been seen publicly since Wednesday. Robert Mugabe is reportedly negotiating with military leaders for a face-saving departure. Officials told multiple outlets if Mugabe hadn’t stepped down by noon Monday, Parliament would start an impeachment process.