Watch: Zimbabweans cheer as car drives over Robert Mugabe road sign [video]

November 18, 2017
| Report Focus News

You know by now that Zimbabwe is facing unprecedented times. Things that might be considered “treasonous” under normal circumstances is happening in public. But these aren’t normal times.

On Saturday, thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets in support of the military, who have held embattled president Robert Mugabe under house arrest since Tuesday.

Thousands marched in an anti-Mugabe rally, supporting the military’s actions and thanking them for their efforts. Several high-ranking Zanu-PF officials have called for the 93-year old to resign.

At one match, a Robert Mugabe Road sign was torn down and driven over – much to the celebration of Zimbabweans present at the march.

The situation is currently uncertain with reports that Mugabe is refusing to step down. He made his first public appearance on Friday, for the first time since being taken under house arrest. Negotiations are delicate, but there are further reports that the long-serving leader will be fired on Sunday if he continues to refuse calls to step down.

Sentiment in the country is clear: ordinary Zimbabweans support the military’s intervention and are hoping for change.

The military say that this is not a coup, but rather a “bloodless correction”.