#Thisflag Pastor Mawarire suggests ‘citizens march’ in Harare

November 16, 2017
| Report Focus News

The vocal clergyman Evan Mawarire has come under attack on Twitter after suggesting to approach the “military and ask them to allow us (Zimbabweans) to march for peace” in the capital.

“Yes I’ve just suggested tht we Pray at 1pm for 1 minute daily, tht we demand our constitution be protected & tht we approach our military & ask them 2 allow us 2 march for peace & a peaceful transition 2 the next phase. What else can we do? Surely not wait for SADC #This flag,” he said.

Mawarire called on all those who want change regime to be part of the transition process.

“Zimbabweans what are we going to do? Shall we just sit and wait or  shall we be at least part of the transition process?

“Let us stand up and for Peace and change we want. If you are game let’s do it,” he tweeted.

However, Mawarire was heavily criticised by people who read his tweet saying marching was not necessary at this juncture.

“I have heard that you have suggested a march, l feel that is totally unnecessary at this point in time.

“You cannot guarantee crowd control and with all media outlets on us, if this turns out awry what message are we putting across, that we can’t solve our own problems, “tweeted a  follower.

Others labelled him barbaric and seeking relevance while others said he was trying to create unnecessary chaos hence they wanted to pray for his wisdom first.

Mawarire later deleted the tweet and apologised to his followers saying: “I had suggested maybe considering a Citizens march for Peace in consultation with the military. In hindsight I agree that this is not a good idea right now. We must not endanger each other nor play with the current fragile situation. My sincere apologies.”