Selena Gomez comments on Justin Bieber’s Performance In Manchester

June 6, 2017
| Report Focus News

| Report Focus NewsJustin Bieber’s performance at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert moved the audience to tears. Turns out fans aren’t the only ones impressed — ex-girlfriend and pop star Selena Gomez loved it, too.

In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up, Gomez talked about the One Love benefit, specifically complimenting Bieber’s performance.
“I thought Justin did great,” Gomez said. “It was beautiful.”

Bieber’s performance has been widely regarded as one of the most touching moments of the night. Typically known for his weird antics, like when he posted five photos of his infected eye on Instagram, Bieber showed his mature side Sunday night. Before he started singing, he shared a message of hope with everyone.
“‘God is good is the midst of the evil,” he said, tearfully. “God is good in the midst of the darkness. He loves you.”

Then, Bieber performed two of his latest hits, “Cold Water” and “Love Yourself’ (wisely passing on singing new track “Despacito”). The first is a collaboration with electronic pop trio Major Lazer, but Bieber took the stage all alone, playing an solemn acoustic guitar version of the song. Afterward, the 23-year-old singer gave a sweet speech, saying “I’m not gonna let go of hope. I’m not gonna let go of love.” When he asked fans to put their hands up if they’re not going to let go, the whole arena erupted in waves. Even under the circumstances, attendees couldn’t help but sway to the rhythm of Bieber’s songs. His presence surely helped inspire the fans to remain resilient and have faith.
He and Gomez had a whirlwind romance that fans were sad to see end. It’s good to see that the two of them are still rooting for one another.