British Election Polls say Prime Minister Theresa May is Slacking

June 4, 2017
| Report Focus News

With the British Elections happening on Thursday, Theresa May thought it would be easier to win the election, but May was wrong. Polls show May was leading by a landslide two months ago but are now dwindling down to three points against her opponent Jeremy Corbyn. May has thrown hard balls at Corbyn saying that he is “not believing in Britain” as she slipped in a comment about the positives of the Brexit vote.

| Report Focus News

The citizens of the United Kingdom are now expecting a Labour Party to run the country instead of a Conservative one. While May is a Conservative, a right-winger, and the left has gained more momentum than ever. What May doesn’t understand is that it is now 2017, she cannot compete with the left when it comes to the hard progressive left who seek justice in ending right-wing policies. It seems that the right and the left in Britain have become more extreme.

May has been trying to keep her campaign message about staying away from the “elite party”, calling it “Mayism”. Which is trying to get voters involved to support “May’s Team”. This message is there for a reason, but she’s trying hard to keep away from the Conservative Party. Phrases like “ordinary people” and “strong and stable” while describing her opponent as a “coalition of chaos”.

Nor did she keep her word about introducing policies, but never keeping her word, refusal to show up for televised debates, declared that this was a “Brexit election” that could not comment on Brexit. The list goes on, and on. Note that many of her cabinet members played huge roles in the Brexit vote. One of their biggest promises promoting positive outcomes which never arrived.

View the song and video called “Liar Liar”, a propaganda song to show the corruption of Prime Minister May on Youtube.