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Zimbabwe Ranks Among Africa’s Most Advanced Countries

According to a recent survey by Yahoo Finance, global economic analysts have ranked Zimbabwe as the 11th most advanced country in Africa. This ranking is based on the country’s gross income from the informal sector, which has sustained the country’s economy despite
December 27, 2022

Zimbabwe Lifts Ban on Licensed Commuter Operators

Zimbabwe’s Vice President and Health and Child Care Minister, Constantino Chiwenga, has lifted the ban on all licensed commuter operators with immediate effect. The ban, which was implemented in March 2020 as part of COVID-19 lockdown measures, only allowed state-owned Zupco buses
December 22, 2022

Zimbabwe institutes a ban on the export of raw lithium

Zimbabwe has implemented a ban on the export of unprocessed lithium in an effort to prevent artisanal miners from illegally extracting and exporting the mineral. The country is home to significant reserves of hard rock lithium, a vital component in the production
December 20, 2022
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