ZITF 2024: Bigger, Better, and Global!

April 23, 2024
ZITF 2024 bigger and better | Report Focus News
ZITF 2024 bigger and better

This year’s 64th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is witnessing a significant international presence, with 27 nations participating and bringing over 120 exhibitors. This surge marks a notable increase from the approximately 70 international exhibitors who participated in the fair last year.

ZITF board chairperson, Busisa Moyo, highlighted the extensive international participation, noting the presence of exhibitors from countries such as Belarus, Botswana, China, the European Union, and many others. Additionally, Moyo mentioned the inclusion of new countries like Brazil, the Kingdom of eSwatini, Indonesia, South Korea, Namibia, and Romania.

The event, scheduled to run from today until April 27, is themed “Entrepreneurship: The Catalyst for Industrialisation and Trade.” According to Moyo, this theme underscores the crucial role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and fostering trade opportunities. The exhibition aims to showcase various industries and sectors, emphasizing the entrepreneurial spirit prevalent in Zimbabwe.

Moyo further elaborated on the theme, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship. He emphasized that entrepreneurs leverage innovation to create successful businesses, while innovation thrives through the adaptability and risk appetite of entrepreneurs. This recognition underscores the importance of fostering an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development.

Meanwhile, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution minister Judith Ncube urged residents to contribute to the city’s positive image to attract investors. She emphasized the importance of cleanliness and cooperation in maintaining an appealing environment for investors and visitors alike.

“We are happy to welcome all our visitors internationally, regionally, and locally. Let us cooperate and collaborate with them to make Bulawayo great,” stated Minister Ncube. She encouraged residents to actively participate in efforts to keep the city clean, thus contributing to its overall attractiveness to potential investors.

The significant international participation in this year’s ZITF highlights the growing importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in driving economic growth. The event serves as a platform to showcase Zimbabwe’s diverse industries and sectors while promoting collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders.