Tinashe Mugabe offers free DNA testing to the claimant of Oliver Mtukudzi’s paternity

May 13, 2024
Tinashe Mugabe offers free DNA testing to the claimant of Oliver Mtukudzis paternity | Report Focus News
Tinashe Mugabe offers free DNA testing to the claimant of Oliver Mtukudzis paternity

Recent developments have stirred controversy in the legacy of the late Zimbabwean music icon, Oliver Mtukudzi, as a man named Aaron, now going by the surname ‘Chake’, claims to be his son. This assertion has prompted calls for DNA testing to verify the authenticity of his claim. In response to these claims, Tinashe Mugabe, co-founder of Global DNA Zimbabwe, has stepped forward, offering to conduct DNA tests free of charge to confirm the familial relationship between Aaron and the late musician. This gesture reflects the seriousness with which the matter is being approached, aiming to provide clarity and closure to all parties involved.

Aaron’s assertion gained public attention during interviews with ZTN Prime and Hmetro, where he expressed his willingness to undergo DNA testing to validate his claim. He stated his readiness to change his surname to Mtukudzi, firmly believing himself to be the offspring of the legendary musician. Aaron revealed that in his past interactions with Mtukudzi, he was led to believe that Mtukudzi was his mother’s brother, addressing him as ‘sekuru’, meaning uncle. He recounted instances where he was welcomed by Mtukudzi at Pakare Paye, the musician’s arts center, and introduced to some band members, further reinforcing his belief in their familial connection.

The decision to undergo DNA testing reflects Aaron’s desire for truth and validation, as well as his commitment to honoring what he perceives to be his heritage. The potential implications of his claim extend beyond personal identity to matters of inheritance, legacy, and the preservation of Oliver Mtukudzi’s memory.

In addition to the ongoing discussions surrounding Aaron’s claim, numerous individuals have taken to online platforms to express their thoughts on the matter. Many have noted striking similarities between Aaron and Selmor Mtukudzi, Oliver Mtukudzi’s daughter, further fuelling speculation about the potential familial connection. As the conversation continues to unfold, the public remains intrigued by the possibility of Aaron being linked to the renowned musician’s lineage.