Administrators of Notorious WhatsApp Groups Unmasked

May 10, 2024
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The Admins

The notorious WhatsApp group “Bulawayo Men Exposed” has come under scrutiny, revealing the individuals behind its creation and administration. Initially, there were three administrators: BYO MEN EXPOSED, who established the group using a South African phone number, ~Mss Pryde with a USA number, and ~Slay with Kia, utilizing a Zimbabwean number. Investigations have since unveiled that ~Mss Pryde is Pride Mpofu, an actress known for her roles in various productions such as “Mr Perfect,” “Cook Off,” and “Mhosva,” who is reportedly now working in the USA in the cruise ship industry.

Mpofu has also appeared in music videos for artists like Freeman, Jah Prayzah, and Tytan. Another administrator, Kiacy Chigudu, known as Kia, gained recognition as the “whistle girl” at Smokehouse in Bulawayo in 2020, imitating the viral #Impembe dance. The third administrator, identified only as BYO MEN EXPOSED, uses the name Past Johan on True Caller.

In the “Byo Women and Men Exposed” group, admins include ~Chubby Nigga, ~Gudo, and ~R, all using Zimbabwe phone numbers, along with ~Mandla Mpofu using a South African number. The group was created in response to BYO WOMEN AND MEN EXPOSED by user ~R. Richard Katoma, known as Ricky, runs Puzzle Moments Photography and is behind the Puzzle Moments Photography group.

Both groups have strict rules against fighting over men, cyberbullying, and impersonation. Chigudu, when interviewed, expressed readiness to cooperate with the police, stating she was not involved in creating the group but was later made an admin to assist with adding members. However, she emphasized that she did not anticipate the situation escalating as it did.

Chigudu also revealed receiving threatening messages and calls, indicating the seriousness of the situation. Meanwhile, when reached for comment, Mpofu downplayed the issue, simply stating, “It’s not serious,” and declining to provide further details.

While Chigudu and the anonymous South African number have since exited the BYO MEN EXPOSED group, Mpofu remains as an admin and continues to post pictures of different men. She collaborates with a user known as UNAH-LERTATO, who operates under a Zimbabwean number.

Kamota admitted to creating BYO WOMEN AND MEN, explaining that he did so because he couldn’t gain access to BYO MEN EXPOSED. “So I decided to open Byo women and men, and people started posting girls asking if they’re dating someone who’s cheating. They were posting views once for protection’s sake, I guess. The reason for posting was also to hear what people were saying about girls in Byo and also drama,” said Kamota.

He acknowledged the police’s warning, stating, “The police putting a warning is actually the right thing because in the original group (Byo women exposed), they were now posting married men, of which that was extreme. I only saw the gravity of the situation when I saw an article where the police were giving a warning.” Kamota added that he has since left all groups.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, issued a warning on Wednesday, emphasizing that cyberbullying is a crime, and administrators of WhatsApp groups face arrest if they violate the law. He advised aggrieved parties to report to their nearest police station.

The Cyber Security and Data Protection Act [Chapter 11:22] of 2019 addresses cyberbullying. Section 164B of the Act stipulates that any person who unlawfully and intentionally generates and sends data messages to another person, or posts any material on any electronic medium with the intent to intimidate, harass, threaten, bully, cause substantial emotional distress, or humiliate someone, shall be guilty of an offense.