Suspects in High-Profile Bulawayo Robberies Fatally Shot in Police Custody

April 29, 2024
Bulawayo Central Police Station | Report Focus News
Bulawayo Central Police Station

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Two suspects implicated in a series of armed robberies and the daring disarming of prison guards at Khami Prison were fatally shot in a police operation on April 26, according to authorities.

The deceased, identified as Never Moyo, 48, from Nkulumane 11, and Bhekimpilo Sibanda, 43, from Kezi, reportedly became aggressive and attempted to disarm a police officer during a routine investigative procedure near Khami Dam. This area was where they allegedly concealed additional weaponry following their escape.

A police report detailed that the confrontation occurred when the suspects, previously accused of stealing an AK47 rifle from Khami Prison guards on March 21, attempted to seize another rifle from police custody. The officers responded with gunfire, resulting in the suspects’ deaths upon arrival at United Bulawayo Hospitals.

This incident is the latest in a series of confrontations that have stirred public debate over the methods used by police to handle highly dangerous suspects. The two men were part of a larger criminal operation that included a spree of violent robberies across Bulawayo, targeting shops, individuals, and even a post office, netting thousands in cash and valuables.

Their criminal activities included the theft of vehicles, cash from businesses like the Meat Company and FMG Wholesale, and personal robberies that terrorized local residents. The suspects had been under surveillance following their involvement in numerous high-profile crimes throughout the city.

The third accomplice, Jerry Arnold Gumbo, 48, remains in custody, with his role in the criminal activities still under investigation.

The swift and fatal resolution to the investigation has prompted calls for greater oversight of police actions. In response to rising concerns about police conduct, discussions are underway to expedite the formation of the Independent Complaints Commission. This body will oversee investigations into allegations of misconduct among security services.

As the community reels from the violent saga, the debate over the balance between police force and suspect rights continues to escalate, with prisoner rights activists calling for transparency and adherence to human rights standards.