Mushayavanhu Pleads With MPs to Market ZiG in Communities

April 27, 2024
John Mushayavanhu | Report Focus News
John Mushayavanhu

RBZ Governor John Mushayavanhu actively called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to take charge in educating communities about the newly introduced currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG). He made this appeal while engaging with MPs from the Budget and Finance as well as the Industry and Commerce joint committee in Parliament last Tuesday, urging them to actively promote the new currency within their respective constituencies.

According to the apex bank boss, while ZiG is already in circulation electronically, the hard currency will officially hit the market on April 30, 2024.

Mushayavanhu emphasized the importance of gathering public perception on ZiG through a survey, aiming to understand its acceptance and potential usage in businesses. He encouraged MPs to distribute QR Codes in their constituencies to gather feedback on Zimbabweans’ views regarding the new currency.

Although his appeal received varied reactions from committee members, with Zanu PF members applauding the initiative, opposition legislators expressed dissent and dismissed Mushayavanhu’s suggestions.

Harare West MP Joanna Mamombe accused the governor of neglecting to consult lawmakers before introducing ZiG. She highlighted the lack of prior engagement with MPs, questioning the sudden expectation for them to act as ambassadors for the currency.

In response, the governor defended his actions, stating that he officially assumed his role on March 28, 2024, and emphasized the crucial role of MPs as the link between the people and the central bank. He urged them to provide accurate information to prevent exploitation of the public.

Chairperson Clemence Chiduwa intervened to defuse the escalating tension, emphasizing the necessity of a collaborative approach for the country’s success, urging unity among stakeholders.