Legendary Cricketer Guy Whittall Survives Leopard Attack

April 26, 2024
Guy Whittall hospitalised after leopard attack | Report Focus News
Guy Whittall hospitalised after leopard attack

Former Zimbabwean cricketer Guy Whittall faced a life-threatening situation when a leopard attacked him while hiking through the conservancy he operates in Zimbabwe’s Humani region. Whittall, aged 51, narrowly escaped the ordeal, thanks to the courageous intervention of his loyal dog, Chikara. However, the encounter left him with severe injuries, necessitating emergency surgery.

The incident unfolded during a routine hike through the conservancy. Whittall, who had previously survived a crocodile attack, encountered the leopard unexpectedly. In a desperate bid to fend off the aggressive big cat, Chikara sprang into action, risking his own safety to protect his owner. While the dog’s bravery saved Guy Whittall from further harm, the former cricketer suffered significant injuries in the confrontation.

Following the attack, Whittall was airlifted to a hospital in Harare to receive urgent medical attention. Photos shared by his wife, Hannah Stooks-Whittall, on social media depicted Guy undergoing treatment, with bandages wrapped around his head as doctors tended to his wounds. Despite the severity of his injuries, the cricketer remained fortunate to have survived yet another perilous encounter with wildlife.

Expressing gratitude for Chikara’s heroic intervention, Hannah highlighted the dog’s crucial role in ensuring her husband’s survival. She acknowledged the potential tragedy that could have unfolded without Chikara’s timely assistance. Despite sustaining a few scratches in the scuffle, Chikara emerged as a true hero and was slated to receive special treats and veterinary care for his bravery.