Air Zimbabwe now Accepting ZiG

April 26, 2024
Air Zim has now accepts payments in ZiG | Report Focus News
Air Zim has now accepts payments in ZiG

On Friday, Air Zimbabwe announced its acceptance of Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) payments, signaling confidence in the new currency. The airline, via a statement on X (formerly Twitter), emphasized its commitment to adapting to the evolving financial landscape by offering stakeholders convenient payment methods.

Air Zimbabwe affirmed ongoing efforts to integrate ZiG currency into its payment systems, finalizing its acceptance on online platforms. The introduction of ZiG currency, backed by gold and other precious minerals, alongside a basket of foreign currencies, aims to establish a seamless and secure online transaction system.

Furthermore, local airline Fastjet has already implemented ZiG acceptance, enhancing public trust in the new currency introduced on April 5. Fastjet operates routes from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg in South Africa, as well as local routes from Harare to Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

Denominated coins of 1 ZiG, 2 ZiG, and 5 ZiG, along with notes of 10 ZiG, 20 ZiG, 50 ZiG, 100 ZiG, and 200 ZiG, will enter circulation on April 30.