Zimbabwean Schools Warned Against Conducting Vacation Lessons Over April Holidays

April 13, 2024
| Report Focus News

HARARE – School authorities conducting lessons during the April holidays are risking disciplinary measures, warned Taungana Ndoro, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s (MoPSE) director of communications and advocacy. In a statement released on social media platform X on Friday, April 12, Ndoro reinforced that the existing ban on vacation school is still in effect, urging schools to allow students a much-needed rest period.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education emphasizes compliance with the directive regarding Vacation School during the April holiday,” Ndoro stated. He cautioned that schools found violating this directive may face disciplinary actions. “It is crucial to prioritize the well-being and independent learning of pupils during this break,” he added.

The directive against vacation school was issued by Chris Mhike, the Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, following a successful first term which concluded recently. “The Ministry acknowledges the dedication, hard work, and creativity of our teachers, and remains grateful for their efforts in making learning engaging and inspiring,” Mhike commented, praising the smooth conduct of the term.

Despite the clear directives, The Manica Post reported that several schools in Manicaland Province are defying the government’s orders. Schools such as Baring Primary School, Dangamvura Primary School, Murahwa Primary School, and Rock of Ages have been conducting regular lessons. This includes primary level students being charged US$1 per day and secondary students paying up to US$10 per subject, with private institutions charging even higher rates.

An unnamed authority at a private school in Mutare told The Manica Post that they disregarded the government directive to better prepare their students for upcoming Cambridge examinations. The ministry noted appreciation for requests to allow vacation schools for examination classes but reiterated that the smooth running of the term meant no additional classes were necessary.

Schools across Zimbabwe are expected to resume for the second term on May 7, 2024. Meanwhile, parents and educators are urged to ensure compliance with the government’s guidelines, focusing on rest and independent learning strategies such as the Zimbabwe Learning Passport during the holiday break.