Zimbabwe’s Catholic Bishops Call for Aid Amid Drought Crisis

April 6, 2024
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Food Aid

Zimbabwe’s Catholic Bishops, under the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC), have urged humanitarian organisations to provide food assistance following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s declaration of a national drought disaster. The announcement, made on Wednesday, highlights the acute need for aid as approximately three million Zimbabweans face the prospect of severe hunger.

President Mnangagwa has declared a state of emergency due to the drought, which has been intensified by an El Niño-induced climate pattern, resulting in significant crop failures across the country. The president also indicated that Zimbabwe would seek to import grain to alleviate the impending famine.

In response, the ZCBC issued a statement on Friday calling for a united effort to combat the crisis. The bishops emphasized the importance of collective action to ensure that no one suffers from hunger. They appealed to Catholics, philanthropists, and aid organizations to contribute resources to prevent the potential loss of life due to the drought.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, the bishops said, “Now is the time for us to rise and meet the challenge. Together, we are stronger and can feed the multitudes. When the little that we have is generously put at the hands of the Lord, he multiplies it, and all will have their fill.”

Furthermore, the bishops cautioned against the politicization of food distribution, stressing that hunger transcends political divides. They also warned against exploiting the crisis for profit, urging instead that assistance be offered in a manner that respects the dignity of those in need.

Following the declaration of the state of disaster, Mnangagwa appealed to humanitarian organizations for food aid. The move comes as the country braces for the harsh impact of the drought, with the president committing to grain imports to secure food for millions at risk.