Mnangagwa’s Pledge: Zimbabwe to Conquer TB by 2030

March 24, 2024
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a significant move that reflects the determination of Zimbabwe’s Second Republic under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, tuberculosis (TB) has been thrust into the political spotlight, offering renewed hope to citizens battling the disease. Speaking at Somvubu High School in Inyathi District during the World TB Day commemoration, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Sleiman Kwidini, articulated the government’s firm stance on eradicating TB, marking a pivotal step in the fight against this persistent health challenge.

World TB Day, observed globally on March 24, serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle against tuberculosis, a disease that continues to afflict millions worldwide. Deputy Minister Kwidini’s remarks underscored Zimbabwe’s proactive approach, highlighting President Mnangagwa’s participation in the UN High Level Meeting on TB, which coincided with the 2023 UN General Assembly. At this gathering, President Mnangagwa pledged Zimbabwe’s commitment to ending TB by 2030, aligning with the broader Vision 2030 objectives.

Deputy Minister Kwidini further elaborated on the national efforts to combat TB, including the establishment of the STOP TB Partnership in Zimbabwe. This initiative is actively engaged in a variety of interventions designed to tackle TB head-on. Key strategies include raising public awareness, advocating for the enhancement of domestic funding for TB initiatives, and ensuring that comprehensive support mechanisms are in place for those affected by the disease.

A critical message that Deputy Minister Kwidini aimed to convey to the Zimbabwean populace is the treatability of TB, even among individuals co-infected with HIV. “The key is early detection and adherence to the prescribed medication regimen until completion,” he emphasized, pointing to the importance of timely intervention and sustained treatment efforts.

As Zimbabwe positions TB on its political agenda, the actions taken by President Mnangagwa’s administration signify a beacon of hope for many. Through concerted efforts and strategic partnerships, Zimbabwe endeavors to not only alleviate the burden of TB on its citizens but also to eliminate the disease as a public health threat by the targeted year of 2030.