Turmoil Within CCC as Chamisa’s Faction Rejects New Leadership

March 22, 2024
mkwananzi promise | Report Focus News
Turmoil Within CCC as Chamisa’s Faction Rejects New Leadership

In a significant development shaking the core of Zimbabwe’s opposition landscape, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), once unified under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa, is now grappling with internal discord and leadership disputes. Following Chamisa’s unexpected departure from the party, citing concerns of infiltration by the ruling Zanu PF, the CCC finds itself in the throes of chaos as it struggles to maintain cohesion and direction.

Welshman Ncube and Jacob Mafume, having hastily stepped up to fill the leadership vacuum, have found their authority and legitimacy challenged by a faction within the CCC that remains loyal to Chamisa. The faction, vocal in its support for the party’s former leader, has publicly disavowed Ncube and Mafume, asserting that they do not represent the party’s true leadership.

Promise Mkwananzi, speaking on behalf of the Chamisa-sympathising faction, has made it clear that Ncube and Mafume’s claims to leadership are unfounded. “Those who claim that they are leaders of CCC are liars,” Mkwananzi stated, emphasizing the party’s commitment to its founding principles and objectives, which include the pursuit of democratic change in Zimbabwe.

The leadership crisis has deepened following Chamisa’s exit in January, with Ncube and Tendai Biti announcing their intentions to serve as interim leaders on a rotational basis. This move has sparked further division within the party, with Chamisa’s supporters organizing interface meetings nationwide to solidify their stance and strategize on the future.

As the CCC navigates these turbulent waters, the broader movement for change in Zimbabwe remains resilient, according to Mkwananzi. He highlights that the struggle for a democratic alternative transcends the current turmoil within the CCC, pointing towards a collective effort to foster democracy in the country.

Chamisa himself has remained enigmatic about his future political endeavors, leaving both supporters and observers in suspense. As consultations among opposition leaders continue, the path forward for the CCC and the broader opposition movement in Zimbabwe remains uncertain. Amidst this uncertainty, the call for unity and a focused pursuit of democratic principles echoes loudly, suggesting that the battle for Zimbabwe’s future is far from over.