South Africa Probes Employment of Zimbabwean CFO with Fraudulent Permit in North West

March 17, 2024
The Minister of Aaron Motsoaledi during a media briefing on immigration matters | Report Focus News
The Minister of Aaron Motsoaledi during a media briefing on immigration matters

In a significant development, South African Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has called upon the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to delve into the employment of a Zimbabwean national, Kudakwashe Mpofu, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the North West Development Corporation under a fraudulent residence permit. The announcement came during a press briefing on Sunday, where Motsoaledi addressed multiple issues surrounding immigration within South Africa.

Highlighting the case of Mpofu, who hails from Zimbabwe, the Minister expressed his concerns over the administrative lapses and legal loopholes that allowed Mpofu to occupy a pivotal financial position within the government entity. Despite Mpofu’s legal team focusing on court procedures and the Department of Home Affairs’ supposed failures in legal dealings, Motsoaledi pointed out that the department had informed Mpofu and his representatives as early as June 23, 2023, about the illegitimacy of his Permanent Residence Permit.

Further investigations by the department revealed glaring discrepancies in Mpofu’s permit, including a non-existent reference number and a control number wrongfully attributed to him, suggesting a sophisticated fraud. The misuse of such critical documentation to secure a key position responsible for managing public funds has been termed a “national embarrassment” by Motsoaledi.

Upon uncovering these facts, the Minister wasted no time in reaching out to the acting premier of the North West, Nono Maloyi, who confirmed Mpofu’s suspension. However, Motsoaledi’s concerns extended beyond Mpofu’s fraudulent employment. He questioned the lack of immediate action by Home Affairs officials upon discovering the fraud and the department’s failure to adequately respond to court summons. Furthermore, he criticized the North West Development Corporation’s HR department for not conducting due diligence before hiring.

To address these systemic failures, the matter has been escalated to the SIU, tasked with investigating not only Mpofu but also the complicit officials within both the Department of Home Affairs and the North West Development Corporation.

The case has been officially reported to the Pretoria Central police station, marking the beginning of what promises to be a comprehensive crackdown on corruption within the visa and permit issuance process. This move comes in the wake of a multi-disciplinary task team’s revelations to Parliament, uncovering extensive irregularities in the application process for South African visas and permits, including questionable applications from over 3,000 Chinese nationals.

Minister Motsoaledi’s decisive actions underscore a committed effort to uphold the integrity of South Africa’s immigration policies and public service employment standards.