Armed Robbers Raid School in Tafara, Seize Car and Cash Worth Over $15,000

March 2, 2024
armed robbery | Report Focus News
armed robbery

In a bold and alarming incident, armed robbers targeted Tafara 2 High School late Wednesday night, taking a car and cash totaling more than US$15,000 in value. The robbery, which involved holding guards and staff at gunpoint, has shocked the local community.

The assailants, aiming for a US$12,000 donation pledged by local legislator Pedzisayi Scott Sakupwanya during his recent birthday celebration, executed a calculated attack. Reports indicate that a gang of 11 suspects overcame the school’s security by scaling the perimeter wall and subduing two security guards using threats and physical restraint.

Equipped with bolt cutters, iron bars, chisels, machetes, and a knife, the robbers forced the guards to the administration block, compelling them to lie down while they attempted to breach the building. Despite failing to access funds in the Chubb safe, the attackers proceeded to steal laptops, further intensifying their criminal activities.

The situation escalated when part of the gang invaded the staff quarters, forcibly taking US$4,500 from one teacher and US$1,500 from another staff member. In a disturbing turn of events, some male occupants were stripped and confined to a room as the robbers searched for more valuables, ultimately leaving with the victims’ cell phones and a teacher’s Toyota Belta, which served as their escape vehicle.

The aftermath of the robbery prompted the closure of the school on Thursday to facilitate police investigations. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson, was unable to provide immediate comments but has committed to follow up on the case.

This distressing event has not only resulted in significant financial loss but has also raised concerns about safety and security in educational institutions, leaving the Tafara community in a state of shock and anxiety.