African Union Summit Denounces Israeli Actions in Gaza, Calls for Ceasefire

February 18, 2024
African Union Summit Denounces Israeli Actions in Gaza Calls for Ceasefire | Report Focus News
African Union Summit Denounces Israeli Actions in Gaza, Calls for Ceasefire

During the recent African Union (AU) summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, African leaders issued a strong condemnation against Israel’s military operations in Gaza, demanding an immediate halt to the actions deemed as severe violations of international humanitarian law. Moussa Faki, the Chair of the African Union Commission, alongside Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, criticized Israel for what he described as the “extermination” of the population in Gaza, labeling it as the most egregious violation of humanitarian standards.

The gathering, which saw applause from delegates as Faki expressed unwavering support for the Palestinian people, also highlighted the solidarity of the African nations with Palestine amidst these challenging times. Azali Assoumani, the President of the Comoros and the outgoing AU chairperson, lauded South Africa’s legal action against Israel at the International Court of Justice and openly condemned what he referred to as “genocide” being perpetrated by Israel in Palestine.

Amid claims of genocide, Israel firmly denies such accusations, asserting its military efforts are focused on Hamas militants, and stating its commitment to minimizing civilian casualties despite Hamas’ tactics of operating within civilian locales.

The summit also revisited the incident from the previous year’s AU summit, where an Israeli delegate was removed from the plenary hall due to a dispute over Israel’s observer status, underscoring the ongoing tensions.

In addition to the crisis in Gaza, the summit’s discussions extended to various conflicts and the recent surge of coups across Africa, with Faki calling for a resurgence of African solidarity and Pan-Africanism to tackle the continent’s challenges, including postponed elections in Senegal, violence in eastern Congo, Sudan, the Sahel region, and Libya.

The conflict in Gaza, ignited by a Hamas assault on Israel on October 7, has resulted in significant civilian casualties and abductions, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region. According to reports, a quarter of Gaza’s population is facing starvation due to the ongoing conflict.

The African Union’s collective stance reflects a deep concern over the humanitarian impact of the conflict in Gaza and a call for the international community to address the atrocities and chaos ensuing in Palestine and its repercussions worldwide.