Hon. Job Sikhala Seeks Spiritual Guidance and Interpretation at Eagle Life Assembly Church

February 5, 2024
Prophet Chiza praying for Job Sikhala | Report Focus News
Hon. Job Sikhala Seeks Spiritual Guidance and Interpretation at Eagle Life Assembly Church

In a remarkable move, Hon. Job Sikhala, a prominent opposition political figure recently released from prison, made his first Sunday of freedom significant by attending Eagle Life Assembly in Bulawayo, led by the esteemed prophet Dr. B. S. Chiza.

Having traveled over 460 kilometers from Harare to Bulawayo, Sikhala engaged in what some may perceive as a unique spiritual encounter. Notably, before Sikhala’s incarceration, Prophet Chiza had accurately prophesied his arrest and lengthy imprisonment, an occurrence that came to pass.

During his testimony at the church, Sikhala shared that he first learned about these prophecies and Prophet Chiza while at Chikurubi maximum prison. A prison officer had shown him videos of these prophetic messages, prompting Sikhala to determine to find the church and attend on his first Sunday as a free man.

Sikhala expressed that he had dreams that troubled him, and he sought interpretation from Prophet Chiza, whom he regarded as a trustworthy servant of God in Bulawayo. Determined to locate the church, Sikhala vowed to inquire on the streets about Eagle Life Assembly and Prophet Chiza until he found it.

In an intriguing twist, Prophet Chiza addressed a dream that had troubled Sikhala during his time in Chikurubi maximum prison. Clarifying that he wasn’t delivering a new prophecy but interpreting Sikhala’s dream, Prophet Chiza revealed a directive for Sikhala not to wear suits, a significant revelation given Sikhala’s profession as a lawyer and advocate.

Prophet Chiza advised Sikhala to adhere to the dream’s instruction and wear suits exclusively for court appearances.

While some might view dream interpretation as dramatic, this engagement showcased a unique spiritual dimension to Sikhala’s journey.

The visit to Eagle Life Assembly Church underscored the intersection of spiritual guidance and the political realm for Sikhala, reflecting a broader exploration of faith and personal growth.