Job Sikhala Laments Abandonment by Opposition Leaders After Release from Prolonged Detention

February 1, 2024
Job Sikhala | Report Focus News
Job Sikhala

Zimbabwean politician Job Sikhala, who spent nearly 600 days in pre-trial detention, revealed his dissatisfaction and minimal celebration upon regaining freedom. Sikhala, speaking from his residence in Chitungwiza, just outside the capital Harare, accused opposition political leaders of neglecting him during his imprisonment.

The politician expressed his concern about the ongoing infighting and chaos within Zimbabwe’s opposition, attributing it to a departure from the original mission of fighting for the well-being of the masses. Sikhala, despite facing an extended period of incarceration, affirmed his commitment to the pursuit of justice, particularly for individuals like Moreblessing Ali, and others who may require his assistance in the future.

During the interview, Sikhala criticized the lack of support from prominent opposition figures, stating, “Neither of the current protagonists in the quarrel and conflict in the opposition ranks did absolutely nothing about me when I was in incarceration for the sake of my freedom out of prison.”

As Zimbabwe continues to grapple with political challenges, Sikhala’s release highlights the fractures within the opposition and raises questions about the unity and commitment to the original ideals that initially brought them together. The BBC will continue to monitor developments in Zimbabwe’s political landscape as Job Sikhala resumes his fight for justice and the opposition navigates internal discord.