Harare Establishes Evacuation Centers in Anticipation of Floods

December 29, 2023
Budiriro floods | Report Focus News
Budiriro floods

The City of Harare (CoH) in collaboration with the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) has established two evacuation centers at Budiriro 2 Primary School and Kuwadzana 3 Primary School. This proactive measure comes amid warnings of potential floods in the capital, following continuous heavy rains.

Mayor Jacob Mafume, in a press briefing on Thursday, emphasized the urgency of the situation. “The CPU has alerted us to the high risk of floods, especially in low-lying areas like Budiriro, Hopley, and regions near wetlands,” Mafume stated. He recounted the recent flood that claimed two lives and caused extensive property damage, highlighting the seriousness of the threat.

The mayor assured residents that the evacuation centers are well-equipped to provide shelter and basic necessities. “We have sufficient food supplies, thanks to the CPU, and the city has contributed beef from our cattle stocks. Our primary concern is the safety of our citizens, and we urge those in vulnerable areas to relocate to these centers,” he added.

This announcement comes in the wake of last week’s emergency, where 19 families in Budiriro and Kuwadzana required rescue by the ZRP Sub-Aqua Unit after their homes were submerged. Tragically, a six-year-old child from Budiriro was swept away and perished in the floodwaters. Another individual in Highfields also lost their life in similar circumstances.

The city government and CPU are closely monitoring the weather and flood risks, prepared to offer further assistance as needed. Residents are advised to stay informed through local news and to heed any evacuation orders.