Nelson Chamisa Challenges Unauthorized Use of His Image in Zimbabwe’s CCC Party Dispute

December 19, 2023
Nelson Chamisa | Report Focus News
Nelson Chamisa

Zimbabwe’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, has taken legal steps against Sengezo Tshabangu, a self-proclaimed Secretary General, for misusing Chamisa’s image. Amidst internal conflicts within the CCC, Tshabangu has been involved in controversial activities, including the unauthorized endorsement of candidates and the use of Chamisa’s face as a party symbol for the February 3 by-elections.

Chamisa’s legal team addressed a letter to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), stressing that only specific individuals, approved in June 2023, are legally permitted to use Chamisa’s image. This move is in response to allegations that Tshabangu and his faction have been misleading voters by using Chamisa’s likeness without consent.

The controversy arises as Tshabangu continues to assert his role in the party, despite the CCC’s stance that the position of Secretary General does not officially exist. Tshabangu’s actions, including the recent utilization of CCC symbols and Chamisa’s image in last month’s by-elections, have intensified the party’s internal disputes.

Chamisa’s lawyers have declared such unauthorized use of his image as illegal, emphasizing the need for adherence to the rules and integrity in political representations. This legal intervention by Chamisa signifies a crucial moment in the ongoing power struggle within Zimbabwe’s prominent opposition party.