Citizen Coalition for Change Announces Key Resolutions from Citizens National Assembly Meeting

December 13, 2023
Citizens National Assembly Meeting | Report Focus News
Citizens National Assembly Meeting

The Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) has made a significant announcement following the conclusion of the 20th extraordinary meeting of the Citizens National Assembly (CNA), the party’s central decision-making body. The assembly convened to deliberate on urgent challenges and strategic responses necessary for the current political climate.

This pivotal meeting was called to address the urgent challenges facing the movement and to forge a path forward amidst the turbulent political landscape. Members of the assembly, representing a broad spectrum of interests and regions, gathered to engage in what was described as a series of intense and productive discussions.

The outcomes of these discussions are expected to shape the CCC’s political strategy in the coming months. “Our assembly has always been the driving force behind our movement,” said a CCC spokesperson. “The resolutions passed during this extraordinary session are both a reflection of our democratic principles and a directive for our future actions.”

The CCC has scheduled a press conference to present the CNA’s resolutions to the public. This conference is expected to clarify the CCC’s stance on various national issues and outline the proposed political direction that the assembly has adopted.

Citizens and media alike are invited to attend the press conference, which will be held at the party offices on Wednesday, 13th December, at 12:00 HRS. Additionally, the event will be broadcast live on all CCC social media platforms, ensuring comprehensive accessibility and transparency.

As the nation anticipates this announcement, the CCC reaffirms its commitment to leading through consensus and collective decision-making. The upcoming address by the CNA is not just a moment of accountability but also an opportunity for the party to reconnect with the public and reaffirm its dedication to the citizens’ mandate.