Sex Worker, Boyfriend Accused in Fatal Assault Over Payment

December 3, 2023
Sex Worker Boyfriend Accused in Fatal Assault Over Payment | Report Focus News
Sex Worker, Boyfriend Accused in Fatal Assault Over Payment

In a startling incident, Fungai Kufakwatenzi, a 31-year-old sex worker, and her live-in boyfriend, Onesimo Tonha Chamutsa, 34, stand accused of fatally assaulting a client due to a disagreement over upfront payment for services. The distressing event transpired in Birchenough Bridge and came to light during a court hearing on Tuesday.

The accused, hailing from Pfupi Village in Buhera and Svutubhureki Village in Bikita, appeared before Chipinge Magistrate Alfred Chinembiri to face murder charges. The victim, Wellington Mupfuti, had engaged Kufakwatenzi for an encounter that ultimately led to a fatal altercation.

According to the prosecution, on November 26, 2023, Mupfuti and Kufakwatenzi were at a nightclub in Birchenough Bridge Growth Point. Following the solicitation of intimacy, Kufakwatenzi insisted on receiving US$5 upfront for a brief encounter, a demand Mupfuti rejected, opting to pay after the service.

Tensions escalated as they proceeded to Mupfuti’s lodgings, resulting in a dispute where Kufakwatenzi allegedly stabbed Mupfuti on the forehead and shoulder. Chamutsa, arriving at the scene, joined the altercation, stabbing Mupfuti on the neck and back.

Responding to Mupfuti’s pleas for help, Police Officer Cannan Zaranyika apprehended the suspects as they attempted to flee. Despite receiving first aid and being rushed to Birchenough Bridge Hospital, Mupfuti succumbed to his injuries upon admission.

Kufakwatenzi and Chamutsa were not required to enter a plea and were remanded in custody until December 11, 2023. The court advised them to seek bail at the High Court. This incident underscores the tragic consequences of a dispute over payment, culminating in a horrifying outcome.