President Mnangagwa Urges Loyalty and Vigilance Among Zimbabwe’s Security Forces

November 23, 2023
| Report Focus News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on Zimbabwe’s state security agents to maintain their loyalty and vigilance in the face of challenges, emphasizing the importance of their role in preserving the nation’s peace and stability. Addressing graduates at a ceremony at the Zimbabwe Staff College, the President underscored the critical role of the armed forces in upholding national security, particularly in the current economic climate.

“The Zimbabwe Defence Forces must equally remain alive to developments across all sectors of the economy as we move towards Vision 2030, and how these will impact our peace and security architecture,” Mnangagwa stated. He expressed concern over the reported low morale within the security services due to budgetary constraints, urging the forces to stay committed to their duties.

The President emphasized the importance of discipline and professionalism in the military, especially given the growing trend of trans-national armed conflicts and the complexities of internal state conflicts in Africa. “I challenge you to professionally carry out your constitutional duties and to serve your respective countries and our region, wholeheartedly,” Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa also highlighted the need for a broad understanding of contemporary peace and security challenges beyond the military scope, considering factors like natural resource conflicts, climate change, organized crime, technological developments, and natural disasters.

“The emerging intricacies related to the impact of natural resource conflicts on Africa’s peace and security; together with climate change, organized crime, technological developments and natural disasters, among other factors, demand that officers be thoroughly equipped to understand contemporary peace and security challenges, beyond the military domain,” he added.

The President’s remarks come as a reminder of the crucial role the security forces play in safeguarding Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, independence, freedom, unity, and peace, particularly in a time of regional and global challenges.