Chamisa urges CCC members to stop infighting on social media

April 11, 2023
| Report Focus News


The leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa, has called on party members to stop attacking each other on social media. The call comes after journalist and government critic Hopewell Chin’ono clashed with some CCC activists on Twitter, with Chin’ono describing the opposition party as “dead as a Dodo”.

In a post on Twitter, Chamisa urged party members to focus on winning change for everyone in Zimbabwe and to avoid giving oppressors “oxygen and a lifeline” through infighting. He also made a veiled attack on Chin’ono, stating that weak people attack others instead of offering solutions to problems, and calling on everyone to be strong and work together.

Chin’ono’s comment about the CCC being “dead as a Dodo” refers to the idiom which means something that is no longer in existence. The Dodo was a bird that lived on the island of Mauritius and was hunted to extinction. Chamisa, however, rejected the comparison, stating that calling something by a negative name doesn’t make it so.

The CCC is a coalition of opposition parties in Zimbabwe that was formed in 2018. Chamisa, who was previously the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is widely regarded as one of the country’s most prominent opposition figures.

The infighting within the CCC comes at a time when Zimbabwe is facing numerous challenges, including an economic crisis, political unrest, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has also been hit by a wave of protests and strikes in recent months, with many Zimbabweans calling for political and economic reforms.

Chamisa’s call for unity within the CCC is seen as a crucial step towards addressing these challenges and bringing about meaningful change for the people of Zimbabwe. The leader of the opposition has called on all Zimbabweans to work together to build a better future for the country.

In his post, Chamisa wrote: “Let there be peace & love! We’re #OnePeople Zimbabwe!”