CCC Legislator Job Sikhala Requests Live Streaming of Trial on Charges of Obstructing Justice

January 3, 2023
CCC legislator Job Sikhala | Report Focus News
CCC legislator Job Sikhala

Job Sikhala, a legislator from the opposition party CCC, has requested that his trial on charges of obstructing justice be broadcast live by the media. In a statement, Sikhala argued that this request is in line with Section 69 of the Constitution, which guarantees that court proceedings must be conducted in a transparent manner.

“This is a public trial, and it is important that the proceedings be done in a transparent manner,” Sikhala said. “The courtroom may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend, so streaming the trial live would allow the public to follow proceedings and stay informed.”

Sikhala also noted that the public has a right to know what happens in the courtroom, and that streaming the trial live would serve to “vindicate the public interest.”

However, the state has opposed this request, stating that it is not in favor of the trial being broadcast live. It is currently unclear how the court will rule on Sikhala’s request.

The trial is set to begin in the coming days, and it is expected to draw significant attention from the media and the public. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.