CCC Claims State Security Agents Pursuing Leaders Over Court Address

July 3, 2024
Ostalos Siziba | Report Focus News
Ostalos Siziba

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) claims that state security agents are pursuing its leaders, Gift Ostallos Siziba and Amos Chibaya, following their statements at a recent court hearing.

Siziba and Chibaya attended the Harare Magistrates Court to support 78 detained party activists. They vowed to mobilise protests against the continued detention of their colleagues.

On June 16, 80 CCC activists were arrested at the residence of interim leader Jameson Timba and charged with disorderly conduct and participating in an unlawful gathering. Among them, one minor was released, and Timba’s son, Shaun, was granted US$100 bail after proving he was delivering a Father’s Day gift. The rest remain in custody without bail.

“We have received intel that police and army intelligence are hunting for former CCC Zimbabwe deputy spokesperson Hon. Gift Ostallos Siziba and Hon. Amos Chibaya after their media address at Harare Magistrates’ Court,” said the CCC in a statement.

The CCC alleges that state security agents entered Siziba’s parents’ home in Bulawayo two days ago, posing as family members in an attempt to abduct him. “Police and army intelligence officials forcibly entered Hon. Siziba’s parents’ Bulawayo residence, posing as family members, but were exposed as security agents. They intend to abduct, torture, detain, and seek further detention to prevent them from applying for bail. The regime is in panic mode, assuming the duo is planning a protest ahead of the upcoming SADC Summit,” the CCC added.

Police spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi, responding to the allegations, said the opposition should make a formal police report. “I am not aware of the reports. If they (CCC) have got issues, they must go and make a report,” said Nyathi.

The government and the ruling party, Zanu PF, have warned opposition parties against planning protests during the August SADC Summit, asserting they are prepared to handle any demonstrations.