Death toll rises; Collapsed high-rise building in Nigeria

November 4, 2021
| Report Focus News

The death toll from the collapsed high-rise building under construction in the Nigerian city of Lagos has risen to 36.

Rescuers have been looking for survivors since the building came crashing down on Monday, but no-one has been found alive since Tuesday.

On the fourth day of the rescue operation, the crowd around the site has dwindled.

Excavating machines plough through the rubble, moving it to the side.

Many family members are frustrated at the rescue effort.

They say the authorities were too slow to respond and don’t seem to be looking for survivors.

Support desks for relatives of the missing were only set up 48 hours after the incident.

Some relatives complained it was too little too late.

The governor of Lagos state says the rescue operation is ongoing and that an independent panel has been set up to investigate the cause of the collapse.

It will publish its findings in 30 days.

Building collapses are common in Nigeria.

Experts say they’re due to a lack of enforcement of building regulations, as well as the use of cheap materials and inexperienced workers.