North Korea says it successfully tested hypersonic missile

September 29, 2021
North Korea hypersonic missile | Report Focus News
North Korea hypersonic missile

North Korea successfully test-fired a hypersonic missile into the sea this week in the latest weapons demonstration from the rogue nation. 

Korean Central News Agency, the country’s state media, reported that the test was the first test flight of the “detached hypersonic gliding warhead” that met important technical requirements, The Associated Press reported.

The missile test happened on Tuesday while North Korea’s U.N. envoy, Kim Song, was telling the U.N. General Assembly the U.S. needed to stop its “hostile” policies towards the country.

The missile was originally thought by Japan to be a ballistic missile. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the hypersonic missile needed “considerable time” to work operationally and it is in the early development stages, according to the AP.

“We regret that the missile was fired at a time when it was very important to stabilize the situation of the Korean peninsula,” South Korean defense ministry spokesman Boo Seung-chan said Tuesday.

The test comes as Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, recently said North Korea would be willing to have a summit with South Korea if the countries can engage with “fairness and mutual respect.”

The offer for a summit comes after South Korea said they want to have a formal end to the Korean War, which North Korea says could only happen if the U.S. and South Korea cease their military drills together.