Pastor Kufa turns the heat on Uebert Angel

December 29, 2020
| Report Focus News

The embattled and now shamed ‘prophet’ Uebert Angel has enraged many in the Christian circles not least those in the Makandiwa camp.

One of the top associates in the Makandiwa camp Pastor Prime Kufa pulled no punches as he shredded the sundered Uebert Angel who is now exposed for his backbiting and slandering plots.

In a rant of outrage on his micro blogging platform (Twitter)Kufa expressed his disgust and displeasure at the attempts made by Uebert Angel to soil Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s name.

The fall out has shocked even those who once respected Uebert Angel. Kufa described Uebert Angel as a traitor.

See Pastor Kufa’s post below


The screenshot of Pastor Kufa’s rant went viral on social media as Zimbabweans reacted to the recorded telephone conversation between Jay Isreal and Uebert.

Uebert Angel who is believed to be referred to as the ‘London Prophet’ has been a subject of discussion in many circles as talk of his alleged sexual abuse of women intensifies.

It is alleged that Uebert Angel has been using an App called Telegram to request nudes from his congregates.

A former member of The GoodNews Church who spoke to this publication said “I am not at all surprised to hear that Uebert is now being exposed for his activities on Telegram. He tried it with me and that is when I left the church. He started requesting me to send him pictures in the nude”

Pastors in the Zimbabwean community that this publication spoke to also expressed shock and disappointment at the behaviour of someone they viewed as a men of God.
“How can we advance the work of God when those seen as pioneers of the prophetic movement engage in such despicable acts as that of backbiting and deliberately try to tarnish a brother’s name? He has let himself down. I am not only shocked at his behaviour but greatly disappointed” said the pastor.

Uebert Angel was seen and believed by many to be a brother to Emmanuel Makandiwa.