Uebert Angel lives up to his million dollar pledge

April 13, 2020
| Report Focus News

Questions where asked regarding Uebert Angel’s million dollar pledge to help feed the vulnerable in Zimbabwe during this COVID-19 lockdown and the U.K. based prophet answered with action.

Indeed, action speaks louder than words, the leader of The Good News Church deployed his foundation (Uebert Angel Foundation) into action and the first batch of food relief was distributed to the vulnerable in Zimbabwe.

Food parcels containing essentials have and are currently being distributed in Zimbabwe.

Over 21000 bags of maize-meal were given out to citizens in Chitungwiza a dormitory town outside the capital Harare.

Chitungwiza Social Welfare Officer Ellen Hove who oversaw these donations affirmed the contribution and thanked Uebert Angel on behalf of her community.

“I want to thank Prophet Uebert Angel with your organisation Uebert Angel Foundation for assisting the vulnerable people in our database by providing them with mealie meal, thank you so much.”

There had been some people within and outside Zimbabwe who had questioned the validity of Uebert Angel’s pledge and queried his ability and that of his organisation to execute a food relief operation, however just days after the pledge Uebert Angel has put paid to his pledge.