Uebert Angel focusing on teaching nothing but the word of God

May 9, 2019
| Report Focus News

I have what some may term a love hate relationship with Prophet Uebert Angel many that know me will attest to that fact.But that said, I like to be honest and say things as I see them. Just a few days ago a close friend and associate of mine sent me the video clip below and asked me what I think about Uebert Angel now?

I reflected on that question and I felt it necessary to respond by way of an article. After all I love writing. Thus, I couldn’t think of a better way to respond.

I actually think that Uebert Angel has progressed spiritually and I love the focus that he now has on teaching the word he has been very consistent and persistent in that regard and eloquent in his articulation of the word of God perhaps reaching parts of the world that most would not get to and converting multitudes to follow Jesus Christ as a result of his purposeful efforts.

It is however, unfortunate that most people are still caught up in his personal life and his private business and would rather focus on his material wealth and ignore the giant strides he has made as a teacher and eloquent preacher of the gospel in the last couple of years.

It would be folly to ignore or brush aside the impact that he has made on so many lives across the globe.

It is important that we understand that we may disagree or dislike a person but we should never conflate our dislike for a person with the word of God.
Sometimes we don’t understand the importance of the Word and the fact that it is alive and active. We sometimes view Scripture like we view the Queen of England: She holds the top position in the country, but she doesn’t really have any power. Similarly, many of us hold God’s Word in high esteem, but it has no power in our lives.

The Bible wasn’t meant to decorate your coffee table or be held under your arm at church. The Word of God was written because of what it can do in our lives. James 1:18 explains that we were brought forth by the word of truth. It gave us spiritual life.

When the devil tempted Christ in the wilderness, he told Christ, “Command that these stones become bread” (Matthew 4:3). He offered a physical temptation to meet a physical desire for food. But Jesus resisted the temptation by calling on the Word of God, directly quoting from Deuteronomy 8. Jesus knew the Scripture so well that He could employ it to resist the temptation the devil was throwing at Him. He trusted in God and stood on the authority of His Word.

You must do the same. When you look to your Savior Jesus Christ and lean on the Word of God, the victory is yours. That said my point is some of these preachers are encouraging people to read and understand scriptures for themselves.

So many people are engaging with the word of God through the efforts of such man as Uebert Angel and yes it is easy to mock such preachers corner them to try and justify their wealth, while paying little or no attention to the word of God that they are sharing with thousands who might not have had any contact with the gospel of Jesus Christ before.

I am reliably informed that Uebert Angel is about to launch a gospel channel that will air the gospel message across Europe and the western world soon.

Indeed, in this case it is easier to do the opposite of what the scriptures say in 1 Timothy 5:18 which says ‘thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.’
While some of these men Labour to bring the word of God to the world it is easy for us to nit pick and find faults and past mistakes in their personal and private life.

I am sure most of those who profess to be Christians want the gospel to reach people who are not yet converted to Christianity, and that’s wonderful because that’s basically the mission of the church: to share the love of Christ with the world in the hope that everyone will come into a relationship with Jesus.

The challenge is that unchurched people aren’t exactly flocking to most churches, and many Christians seem stumped as to why that is.
There are many reasons, but a surprising number center around one thing: Christians who focus on the past mistakes of preachers and never forgive or acknowledge that people change.

The gravitational pull of human nature is toward self, not towards others, and even those who profess to be devout Christians sometimes behave the same way. You will focus almost exclusively on your needs and wants unless you decide not to.

And that’s exactly what far too many Christians do: focus exclusively on their personal needs and wants.

Okay, it’s worse than that. Maybe it’s not even about needs and wants. Maybe it’s about preferences.