Kenyan hospital ‘to discharge 250 patients detained over unpaid bills’

April 2, 2019
| Report Focus News

A Kenyan hospital in Nairobi has announced it will release 250 patients who have been detained because they were unable to pay their bills

It follows an investigation by Citizen TV last week that filmed more than 20 women detained at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The investigation revealed that some had been detained for as long as a year.

Some had been referred to the hospital after developing childbirth complications and then couldn’t pay their bills. One person said she had been separated from her baby.

A few days later, on Thursday, the Health Secretary Susan Mochache told MPs that Kenyatta National Hospital was holding 184 patients and 387 bodies.

She named 11 other hospitals that had detained patients, reports the Standard newspaper.

In investigation by Associated Press last year reported that KNH used armed guards in military fatigues to stand watch over patients.

“All despite a court ruling years ago that found the detentions were illegal”, it said.