President Ruto to Address Nation on Finance Bill, 2024

June 26, 2024
Kenya President | Report Focus News
Kenya President

President William Ruto is scheduled to address the nation at 4 pm on Wednesday. The briefing will take place at State House, Nairobi, focusing on concerns surrounding the Finance Bill, 2024.

State House sources have revealed that President Ruto has chosen not to assent to the bill. Instead, he will send it back to Parliament for reconsideration before their recess today. The president has proposed several amendments to the bill, which MPs will need to review and consider.

Parliament faces the decision of either amending the bill in accordance with the president’s recommendations or passing it a second time without changes. Should MPs fully accommodate the president’s amendments, the speaker will resubmit the bill to President Ruto for assent.

The president’s address is highly anticipated as it will clarify his stance and proposed changes to the Finance Bill, 2024, a critical piece of legislation affecting the nation’s financial landscape.

Stay tuned for live updates on the president’s address and the subsequent parliamentary proceedings.