Mnangagwa suspends Vice Chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura

August 18, 2018
| Report Focus News

Levi Nyagura University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Vice Chancellor Professor has been suspended pending finalisation of a case against him on alleged abuse of office.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) opened an investigation following the military overthrow of former President Robert Mugabe last November.

“His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Cde ED Mnangagwa, being the appointing authority in terms of section 8 of the University of Zimbabwe Act, (Chapter 25:16), has sent the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Levi Nyagura on leave pending the finalisation of his alleged charges of criminal abuse of Office.

His trial has been deferred to next month where the Special Corruption Court will hear his case of alleged criminal abuse of office, stemming from a PhD degree awarded to former first lady, Grace Mugabe, by UZ.

It is alleged that sometime in 2011, Prof Nyagura single-handedly approved Mrs Mugabe’s application to study a PHD in Sociology without the knowledge of the faculty and department concerned.

Sometime in 2014, Nyagura allegedly led supervisors and examiners to Grace’s Mazowe Estate where the defence oral examination was purportedly done without knowledge and approval of the academic committee.

According to State papers, the oral examination is supposed to be done at the UZ premises.