Nigerian Army ‘searches for kidnapped North Americans’

January 18, 2018
| Report Focus News

Nigeria’s armed forces have joined the search for two Americans and two Canadians on a business trip who were kidnapped in an ambush, AFP news agency quotes a military source as saying.

The four were kidnapped on Tuesday evening near Jere in northern Kaduna state, the news agency adds, after their abductors shot dead two of their Nigerian police escorts.

It quotes the military source as saying:

We are on it and making some progress. We have a special team now that arrived from Abuja, they have now joined with the team that are here.”

The US and Canadian foreign ministries have both told AFP that they are aware of the kidnapping and are working with Nigerian authorities on recovering the hostages.

Kidnapping has been more common in the south of the country, where high-profile individuals, including the families of prominent politicians, are frequently abducted. Analysts say the trend is moving north partly because the economy has stalled in recent years.