Robert Mugabe: A hero in his village

November 17, 2017
| Report Focus News

To get to President Robert Mugabe’s rural home, you drive along the Robert Mugabe Highway.

It is probably one of the most well-maintained roads in Zimbabwe. It is like driving on a carpet.

Along the way you are greeted by a plaque erected in his honour.

Kutama Village is home to the 93-year-old. It is a small and tightly connected village where everyone knows each other.

You cannot really tell if they have been rattled by the current political crisis.

As we arrived, there was an air of uncertainty.

Mr Mugabe is respected here. To many, he is a father and a friend.

Speaking to me at his compound, a 65-year-old neighbour told me:

He’s kind, he’s a good man and he understands people’s plight.”

The man goes to St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church with Mr Mugabe, a devout Christian, whenever he visits.

He never demands special treatment. He visits people to check on their welfare.”

Nevertheless, he supported the intervention by the army to remove Mr Mugabe from office, saying it is meant to correct a broken system:

If his term goes out then there’s nothing wrong.”

When I approached other villagers, I attracted immediate suspicion. They were not keen to talk.

But it seems to me that Mr Mugabe is seen as a hero in the village. It is easy to spot people wearing clothes emblazoned with his face.

Police officers are patrolling the area around Mr Mugabe’s home.

You can’t really peep inside the compound because of tight security.