‘Zimbabwe military’s biggest challenge is what to do with Mugabe’

November 16, 2017
| Report Focus News

MDC-T official Chalton Hwende has said the military made a great mistake by intervening in the political situation in the name of saving Zanu PF legacy instead of saying they are saving citizens.

“The biggest challenge to the Coup in Harare is what to do with Mugabe. The biggest mistake the Army made was to announce that their Action is to protect Zanu PF and Mugabe instead of the people of Zimbabwe the majority of whom are not members of Zanu-PF but victims of its 37 year misrule,” Hwende said.

“In Zanu-PF politics Mugabe is revered and any attempt to mistreat him, jail him or Remove him from Office will be rejected by the majority of Zanu-PF members who have benefited from the various empowerment programs like the Land reform and Black economic empowerment that were limited only to Zanu-PF members. If a Military backed Zanu-PF Candidate is fielded in 2018 he will lose as Mugabe’s supporters will not not support such a candidate.”

He said many Africans will also not support such an unconstitutional removal of Mugabe they love him for his pan African views and taking land from whites.

“If Mugabe remains President he will turn against those responsible for today’s coup. These guys must make difficult decisions I don’t envy them,” he said.

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