Study reveal South African men spend 15 minutes on sex

July 22, 2017
| Report Focus News

The study, which was conducted by Victoria Milan, a dating website, found that while men in countries such as Denmark spent over 40 minutes ensuring that their women are satisfied in the bedroom in every way possible, South African men weren’t doing nearly as much to satisfy their women, Destiny Connect reported.

According to the study, South African men spent a mere 15 minutes for sex, The Sun reports. This is not even the average that couples spend for sex. Another recent study found that the average that couples spent during sex was 19 minutes, which means South African men are falling short when it comes to satisfying their women in the bedroom.

The top five most sexually satisfied women in the world are from Denmark, the USA, Finland, Canada and Sweden. Clinical sexologist Dr Marlene Wasserman, popularly known as Dr Eve says it is important to let your partner known when you are not satisfied in the bedroom.

“We want to acknowledge first that it’s a really difficult thing to do, because people are uncomfortable talking about sexuality and about it to each other. If they do, it’s usually about wearing condoms and HIV status – we tend to have that as our primary conversation. We are just not trained to talk about pleasure,” she says.

However, as difficult as it may be talking about sex, it is vital to have a conversation with your partner in order to have a fulfilling sex life.

“For women, it’s even more difficult to take ownership of the fact that they deserve to have pleasure,” she says.

The way in which you tell your partner you are not sexually satisfied is also important. Dr Eve says that you need to start by complimenting your partner about how much you enjoy indulging in sex with them, before revealing what would really get you to reach your climax. “You must introduce it in a way that will not be seen as criticism. The worse thing you can do is to criticise your partner or throw it out there during a conflict situation,” she says.

She adds that keeping silent or straying from your relationship because you don’t want to have the difficult conversation will only make matters worse.