Nigeria offers to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine

The government of Nigeria says it will evacuate its citizens who wish to leave Ukraine as soon as airports are re-opened in the country. In a statement, Nigeria’s foreign ministry says the West African country “has received with surprise” the reports of
February 24, 2022

Nigeria sees record high in Covid-19 discharges

Nigeria discharged 829 Covid-19 patients on Monday, the highest number to be discharged in a single-day, according to its centre for disease control (NCDC). The country has so far recorded 18,203 recoveries from the virus. The government on Monday announced 648 new
July 28, 2020

Film on Nigerian sex workers disqualified from Oscars

The Academy of Motion Pictures has rejected a second entry for next year’s Oscar award for Best International Film. The Austrian movie, Joy, is about Nigerian sex-workers in Vienna, but the Academy says it has too much dialogue in English. Last week
November 12, 2019
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